Useful information

Useful information

Logo Association Unis Vers 7 Arrivés et logo Court Métrange


Association Unis Vers 7 Arrivés et Festival Court Métrange
Siège social : 32 rue de la Marbaudais – 35700 Rennes – France
Bureaux : 2 rue du Docteur Roux – 35000 Rennes – France

Cyrielle Dozières (directrice)
06 32 66 86 00

Photo Géraldine Cance


Géraldine Cance
06 60 13 11 00

Photo Parcours jeune public

Young audience


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For the past several years, the Court Métrange Festival has been helping those with disabilities take advantage of the whole of its offer. It strives relentlessly to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to enjoy the work and practices of the numerous artists involved. It also assists filmmakers in carrying their projects out to completion.

Logo ZanZan Films

This year, Court Métrange has joined forces with Zanzan films, whose primary objective is putting culture within reach of the disabled, raising awareness among the able-bodied on accessibility, and creating an environment wherein individuals from both communities can meet and exchange on the matter. In doing so, the festival is able to take its commitment even further.

Picto Facile à lire et à comprendre

Download the program
(Super) Short Métrange
en Facile à lire et à comprendre

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An induction loop
is available
at all encounters and conferences.

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Download the program
(Super) Short Métrange
accessible en synthèse vocale